1.31 Little black book of Christmas.

Christmas in a gown.

Hi Everyone! Hoping the December christmas spirit is catching on to everyone. I've decided to post a special december special on black and white christmas. So here goes day 1 with my white marker pen on my "Little Black Book of Christmas".


#fashionablequotes Flowerbed.

"A flower does not think if competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms."

Last Sunday's life drawing day.

Spent last Sunday attending a life drawing workshop at Glitch Imaginarium.
With 25 #inktober artists exhibiting their works and an ongoing exhibition of BORDERLESS.
(top image source from Carrot Academy)



It's still a Halloweekday, spend it spooky, spend it fun.

Dias De Los Muertos for Timeless Pieces.

Albie the dog and Martine from Timeless Pieces celebrates Dia De Los Muertos in Mexico.
Full illustration here.

This weekend is a very special one, Halloween, Dia De Los Muertos / Todos Los Santos, (All Saints and All Souls day). 
So here is an extra special illustration made for Timeless Pieces. It is about a lively festival celebration of the annual celebrated event of Mexico, Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead). 

Little sketch before the final piece. Here are some lively skeletons playing acoustic guitars.
I can imagine them singing, dancing away to the tunes of a happy celebration.

I hope this extra special weekend was a great one spending with your loved ones here and with the dear departed.


Have a Happy Halloween! Petrushka.

On a day full of costumes, here is Petrushka, the Russian traditional puppet.
From the famous ballet set, Petrushka, by the Russian composer Igor Stravinsky.
Wishing everyone a Happy Halloween! 


Ballet in Barcelona. Collage version.

A new little project up in collaboration with one of my great friends, Carolina De Pedro Pascual of Danza Ballet.

Featuring the Danza Ballet's Body Ballet class within the beautiful cities and sights of unique Barcelona, Spain.
 What came into my mind during the process was Barcelona's greatest architect, Gaudi, and his beautiful mosaic creations. Also, the cream colored stones used in most of Barcelona's architecture. I knew it was something that I could translate into a little collage type map.

So here and there, placing the cities on where they should be, and somewhere in between you find little ballerinas in sight, 
takes you to little Danza/Body ballet class in Barcelona you ought to see.

To be continued.. 


Graceful lace.

Strike a ballerina pose with a see through Valentino lace couture dress.