She, Him.

Hello to you..
It was a busy day for me today, I painted nonstop.
Finally got to finish painting all my unfinished works and some new ones,  
how it feels so good to be out of procrastination.
I wish I could feel like this everyday. I made a look, one is for the she and the other for him.
'She' is wearing a ruched floral print dress and 'Him' a blue-grey striped top with a scarf.
Anyway, I guess its time for me to rest. Well goodnight everyone! :D


  1. So adorable!...the ruched floral dress looks good!!! You are very talented!

  2. aww glad you like it. i also like ur digi scrappings :D

  3. At a glance, I almost didn't notice the 'hello'. Subtle.


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