Thrifty me. Self doodle.

Few days ago I was thrift shopping with my friends in Pasar Baru.
It's actually my first time being thrifty with second hand goods. Rummaging through the stacks of clothes gave me dust allergies but I managed to find some unique pieces.
Anyway, we also shopped for sunnies. Found some cute ones for a good bargain. 
All thanks to my friend's bargaining skills.
The left one was just for Rp20k and the right for Rp40k :D ($1 = approx. Rp10k)
The middle one was a souvenir from my bestfriend/Bff on her trip to Thailand though.


  1. hi. thank you caroline :]

  2. wow, you're so talented! ^^
    Thanks for linking my blog, i'll add your link in my blog too ^^


  3. thanks for linking me :)
    i'm adding you to my bloglist too :)

  4. @tigerlily -oh, i'm glad you like. thank you. a pleasure too meet you. lovely blog. :D

    @dreamtimetea -you're welcome. love your site, looks very neat.


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