Up, up & up.

Hi there..
I watched Up in the cinema the other day with my bro and friends.
Didn't feel like watching it at first but it turned out better than I expected.
Now a fav movie of mine. Must watch! :D
Anyways, I wanted to share some inspirational photos I saw.
The photographer's name is Erik Madigan Heck.
Just at 24, he's already worked for most of the famous designers. 0.o
Amazing.. His works look very haunting but memorable, like pieces from the past.
There is sure no stopping this guy from rising. These are my faves,
for Lanvin.
for Ann Demeulemeester.
for Christian Lacroix.
for Sandrine Phillipe.
for Rick Owens.
via TrendLand.


  1. my favorite image is for christian lacroix, love the hair piece!

  2. me too :D
    i like both that and lanvins.. ;p


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