20s and V covers.

Hello to all :D
Just added these girls to my art shop.
She definitely loves taking inspirations from the 20s, the sexy lace nightgowns, flapper-like, bob hair and low waistlines.
The 20s to 40s are actually my favourite decades of fashion because everything is so elegant and sexy.
"Chic, chic, chic," she says to herself.

I also wanted to share V-magazines cover.
It features models for a special of ‘Victorian meets Butcher and Flowerist’ called the “World of Women and Supreme”.
The great thing about it is that its so creative with great color combinations.


  1. Such pretty girlies!!! The green dress is simply ethereal!

    I have a little something waiting for you on my blog. Drop by and check it out, whenever you can!

  2. AWWW Thanks for your darling comment! I LOVE U. hehe. I also really love your style.

  3. @noblebeeyotch aaakhh i checked it out. thanks my friend. mwah mwah.. ur the best!

    @dakota always a pleasure! love u too :D eee~ followed ur blog.


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