Annas lingerie.

Hi all, how is everyone?
Just taught some art lessons today. As you know I teach kids some art on my free time.
I also made some art for the Anna series. It is no doubt that Anna likes Victoria's secret so much.
Here she wears some purple camisoles with trimmings and 
some pink matching laced bra and undies.
Btw, I could really use some help on how to make pics larger.
Apparently, when I post my art in large its still small. Anyone? Owh..


  1. love the pictures!

  2. Hi dear:)Thank you for your sweet comments:)
    I love your pictures too, they are so...I don't know how to express it...maybe alive?...Very unique and have a special charm:)Your Anna is so cute, hehe:)
    Do you use water colors?:)

  3. p.s. about size of pictures: when I click on the picture, it opens in new window in full size:) You do not have to do anything special, you can just write "click to enlarge", hehe

  4. @cyn thanks cyn.. appreciate it!

    @zuki you're very welcome.. hehe wow alive, thats interesting to hear. glad you like it. yep, i just moved to watercolours. wishing to get better at it.. :D

    ohh ok, thanks for letting me know. i didnt know that myself. lol


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