Artsy fartsy.

How way your day?
Today I just watched "Taking Pelham 123" with bro and his gf. 
It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.
Had some yummy Cold Stone ice cream after that too.
Anyway, Holly Fulton's collection for Autumn/Winter '09 is so artsy that I couldn't help draw some of her pieces - the square dress and the yellow tailored blazer. I'm really loving her bold and contemporary designs, the boxy like silhouettes and the modern ethnic creative fabrics with a look that's half couture and half ready to wear. So fun!
So creative in fact that I am reminded of Prada's FW '09 lookbook that I love:
This one really inspires me.


  1. The lookbook is indeed inspirations. Not fond of the last pic though!!:-D

    I am totally feeling your new banner. Totally goes with your blog!!

  2. thanks.. finally i figured out how to put it after hours n hours. lol..

    yep, i guess the last ones not the same as the others.

  3. I am obsessed with the way they cropped out the faces and hands and inserted another picture. It makes for a very sci-fi artsy imagine. Just fabulous!

  4. agree, and collage-like too. :D

  5. wow, thank you for uploading Prada lookbook, it inspires me too:D
    And I love your drawing too:) But I will better make collages than try to draw:)

  6. thanks.. wee, i look forward to seeing ur collages then :D

  7. The first picture reminds me of the cover of 032c... better yet, the cover reminds me a lot of monocle

  8. hehe yeah, probably because of the layout and all.


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