Bunny ears.

She's the watercolour girl dressed up in her Lanvin black turtleneck shirtdress 
and striped Marc Jacobs glove warmers who's ready to surprise. 
She sure knows how to stand out with her bunny-like Louis Vuitton headpiece.
Owhh, I want one! Even my watercolour girls can wear them =/
Oh, you must see Harper's Bazaar's "The New Shapes":
They are strong, sexy and playfully fierce.
Love this one!
Ps. Happy Independence day Indonesia :D


  1. i really like most of those shapes, except i doubt i will ever wear bunny ears unless its halloween. haha

  2. haha yeah, although i do wanna try wearing one for fun just too see how poeple would react around ;p

  3. Anonymous22.8.09

    How did you know it's Indonesia's Independence da?? from Indo are you?
    I love your blog and I'm Indonesian :D

  4. heee heee secret! jk, i have been living here for a long time. aww thanks, glad you like. love ur country :D


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