Fall is coming.

 "..it must be cold outside"
Fall is coming, the leaves are falling
and when in doubt, wear red
all ready to go outside wearing:
Prada red leather coat and leather belt
Hermes orange print scarf
Proenza Schouler furry black bowler hat
She must stand out wearing red at autumn/winter.

Hey hey, how is all?
Just finished this piece that I'm finally loving. Its about fall.
Too bad they don't have the four seasons here in Jakarta, I have yet to experience it.
It would be nice wearing all those furry, leather, woolly coats, etc..


  1. i always wondering, how great it is to wear a coat with boot. must be wonderful, i guess.. :)

  2. yeahh.. imagine if you wear them here. you will get so mucch stares.. ;p

  3. hey thank you for visiting my blog . mind exchange link ?

  4. congrats for the winning of the deviantart contest noomie!
    Your drawing rock as always!

  5. Wow! I love it! From experience, it's nice to wear, but the cold is not all that great. Okay, so maybe to experience it once would be nice, but when you grow up in it, it actually gets quite old! LOL!

  6. @yuniseena yeahh *only wishing*

    @alita you're welcome.. sure. i'll link u up.

  7. @peebs and roo wee glad you like my friend.. haha really. lol, i can imagine what its like. maybe its like getting stuck in the freezer for a long time. ;p

    @cyn ooww u saw.. heehee.. thanks cyn. never won one before, so happy.

  8. wooh! noomie you're truly amazing. i love your illustrations and drawings.. i hope i draw like you. hehe.. soo love them.. student? or are you a professional designer na?
    btw, i live in cavite.. you?

  9. eee thank uu *hug* im sure u can, ur photography is good nga. hmm fashion student. not pro, hoping to be.. haha.. here in indonesia, but taytay in the phils. prety far then.


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