Fashion books.

My bro just got me this book from S'pore. Waah I'm so excited!
It's called "How to Start and Run a Fashion Label" by Toby Meadows.
I can't wait to read it and hopefully give me the inspiration to start my very own label soon. *crosses fingers*
You don't know how eager I am to create clothes for men and be wonderful in it. :P
This book definitely contains all the goodness in it like a Neiman Marcus pop-up book:
So what's your favourite fashion book? Share, share :D
This one's my all time favourite, "Fashion Illustration Now" by Laird Borelli.
He makes such incredible books I never get tired of flipping through the pages.
And of course lovely Christian Dior's "The Little Dictionary of Fashion".
This one I like to read very often, its a classic that never gets old.


  1. hello, there.

    replying your post to me, am not feeling lonely and bored anymore. hehehe..

    wonder, why you like to create men's wear ? i've read several of your posts, and mostly mentioning about men's wear..hehe.. =)

    hmm. i forgot what is the title of my favorite fashion book, i've once found it on my cousin place, he's a fashion designer. the book is about t-shirt, from history to the making. a lot of pictures there..hehe.

    mind y long comment, yaaa.. =)

  2. hello friend,

    oww, well good for you. hope everydays a fun day.
    hehe im the bored one now.. my friends all have classes already. ;p what uni are u in?

    hehe yup, somehow i just find menswear more interesting because i like simple. its also quite exciting to try something new.

    oowhh, i like those t-shirt books. thats nice, they have alot of those graphic design shirt books here kan. ;p wow, good for u u have a designer in your fam :D

  3. hello dello..

    well, since me and all of my classmates were having an intership in different cities, we can't meet until next tuesday, the first day of college again..hehe.

    i am a 4th grade undergraduate student in iTB, majoring life science, focusing on biology.. =)
    how about you ?

    haha. if you know band named serious from bandung, the band's clothes are one of my cousin's pieces..hehe.

    are you a fashion designer student ? hihi.. =)

  4. owwhh.. waw, different cities. thats such a big step. ;p haa, at least you have something to do. my holidays is stil until sept. hehe..

    ahh itb, where? in gading? cool, bio, ur such a smart girl :D well apparently i am a fashion student in esmod.

    thats great! maybe you can show me a website of it. ive never seen but i like to check it out sometime.

  5. long holiday is kinda killing me. hahaha.surely gonna miss it when college day coming.. =)

    itb stands for institut teknologi bandung. hihi, i'm on my last grade this year. wish me luck, yay..hehe..

    waw. fashion student ? must be interesting right ? hoho..

    btw, is your twitter link broken ? i can't find your page in twitter..


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