Meet Anna.

Anna is one girly girl.
She likes wearing feminine outfits.
Favourite designers - Luella, LV, Erin Fetherston, etc..
Here, she wears a headpiece by Erin Fetherston.

She loves sleeping in her thousand thread count LV sheets.

Ruffles are her favourite because she thinks it suits her most.


  1. New header you have:o nice illustration as always
    xx, Cyn

  2. very very cute drawings!

  3. @cyn aww *huggs*. yess finally i know how to put one after hours n hours. me so gaptek earlier. hehe..

    @vina sagita hihi thanks ya, glad you like.

  4. omg you're so talented! love the illustrations!! how do u made these? love :D

  5. @ellen valensia :hugs: thank you.. well, they are made from watercolours on paper with noomie hands ;p

  6. i could recognize your style of drawing, you drew one for caroline :D your drawings are sooo cute.
    you're really talented ;)
    thx for dropping by anyway :)

  7. waw, great! are u indonesian? ;p

  8. @lidwina no problem, always a pleasure. thanks too! :D

    @ellen thank u! no, im not indonesian. just living here.. hihi..

  9. i just really know that you an'll playing sketch soon..i'm not talented i guess eheeeh


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