Thank Yous.

Hello to all, how are you?
Apparently I'm still on a long holiday, enjoying it I guess.
I'm quite excited today because this style piece I'm working on is almost finished.
But, I'm not celebrating yet until the final outcome is set. Keeping my fingers crossed :D
Here's some Thank You artworks for today. Made them as greeting cards for the shop
My dear friend Noble Beeyotch just gave me this Blogger Award.
As the saying on my artworks today calls out, "Thank you!"
Her blog is very lovely too.


  1. i just found your blog - your drawings are beautiful :) i'm a follower now!

  2. like what the drawing says, thanks u dear friends..
    glad u like.

  3. I'm loving the thank you cards! People don't send as many as they should anymore...


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