Hey all, how was today?
Phew, my head has been constantly aching today. Aww boo..
I guess it was the lack of sleep last night, I'm such an insomniac these days, I'm just such a night person.
Wonder if there are any early birds around. Its quite rare to know..
Managed to make this painting today though. Its a very relaxing piece of Autumn.
Also, my cousin all the way from the Phils, had just made me her new business partner for her online shop: Pretty excited to work with her. We're going to turn some art into clothing :D
Anyways, gotta go.. Ps. stay in tune for an upcoming giveaway from my shop.
Good day!


  1. Very relaxing painting. I, too, am looking forward to fall, and shedding the summer's heat. Wishing you and your cousin many sales with the new shop!


  2. art into clothing! one of my fave past times! nothing like destroying an old prom or wedding dress and painting into something new!

  3. @esque thanks. yeah, i prefer the cool season too.. but the only thing closest to fall here is my freezer. ;p

    @marmalade omg, destroying a dress? hahaha wow, thats something new..


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