BDAY gift and mini giveaway!

Hello all,
I'm so happy my brother gave me this L'Officiel issue for my bday :D
I've been wanting one but it was so hard to find the issues here.
Anyway, since it's my 20th birthday and I'm feeling generous, I wanted to host a mini giveaway.
Here's a little mini notebook with my original illustration.
All you have to do is comment, along with your email, and the winner will be picked on a random basis.
The results will be announced on the 28th, when shipping resumes due to a long local holiday here..
 Went to the beach yesterday, now off to the cold hills tomorrow. Have a great day :D


  1. Hi, Happy Birthday! That is adorable, I would love to win!!!

  2. Happy Birthday! Your work is adorable.

  3. Have a wonderful birthday!!!!

  4. noemi dear, happy birthdayy !
    been waiting for your post today..teehee.
    hope you're getting creative more and more each day.. ;)

    wihii, another man's style eh ?
    want to see any creation of your on man style dong, noemi.. :)

    nice notebook. me liking the illustration, it's so..noemi.. :) hehe
    wish you a happy birthday.. <3

  5. Happy birthday! I would LOVE to win the little notebook :)
    Enjoy your day...

  6. Happy Birthday!
    That notebook is so sweet. I love your illustration.

  7. Happy Birthday! You're another year older- or is it another year wiser? Whichever one makes you happier...I think most of us just keep turning 26 after awhile, haha =)

    That's a lovely illustration, and I"d love to win!

    aestraea [at]

  8. Happy Birthday! Hope you had a good one!

  9. Happy Happy birthday!~
    oo that notebook looks so cute :)
    by the way what watercolours do you use?

  10. Happy Birthday!

    Love your doodle.. the dress in the picture looks lovely! :)

    glitzy AT

  11. happy birthday noomie.. wuuh!
    i would love to win.

  12. aww thank you so much all.. :D
    and for participating too :D
    *hugs* ill let you know the results on monday.
    have a nice weekend~

    @astraea haaa thanks, hopefully the latter will help. lol

    @mina umm i guess its just pentel. planning to buy cotman though, i think its better :D

    @garnis yeee hopefully i can make some soon. then i can show you .. :D :D tq


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