Doodle book.


Hey, hows all?
Its been a while since I blogged, there has been some black outs at the house so no internet for a few days.. Wooh..
I can't stand it since I'm continuously online. ;p
Also, I've been busy painting some art for the shop and for the coming Xmas!
These are my new mini fashion illustrations mini notebooks.
Hope you can stay in touch for my upcoming giveaway this September.


  1. What a great idea! to get my friends into some heels :)

  2. hihi, yess you should try..

  3. cute notebook!

  4. ee glad you like.. hihi..

  5. i wanna try ice skating too..
    waaah! noomie.. oh how will i call you ba?
    i love your mini notebooks with your own illustration.. love it..
    so cute,.. so you..yoooooouuuu..,

  6. just noomie nalang.. because i think almost everyone i know cant pronounce my real name right.. =S gyahaha.. thanks.. yaa try ice skating. i have yet to try it there in phils..


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