Sleep. Results.

 Enjoying her sleep.

Anyway, I did a random draw for those who participated my very first giveaway.
And the winner of the notebook giveaway is....
Yayy, Congratulations!
Glitzy will also receive a surprise illustration of her from noomie :D
Thanks so much for participating everyone, there will be more to come :D


  1. What a fantastic piece! I love it :) Hearted!

    Congrats to the person who on this!!!

  2. Amazing! You're SO talented! I even love your handwriting and the way you rolled up all the entries.

    I do live in the US, in California. My family goes back to Indonesia/Singapore very often to visit all my relatives who live there though! :)

  3. @thelostearing heee the person actually won the book. but many thanks, im planning to put up more giveaways soon.

    @TLT really? aww *hugss* california, sunny place.. must be rally nice there!


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