Winter girl. Doc Martens.

How are you enjoying your weekends?
Happy Lebaran to some of you fellow Indonesians!
Spent some time with family, friends and Bff today at my home;
each weekend there's always this gathering at my home with lots and lots of food so its fun. 
We bought this yummy tiramisu cake for my dad too.
Arrghh, I think I'm going to gain lots of weight from all this eating.
Anyway, so my birthday is coming up soon too.
Hihi I guess its only best to post a wishlist of these:
Yummy mummy newly invented “8-eye’s” Dr. Martens!!
These are from their newest Spring 2010 collection.
Me want :D


  1. @cutcoycreate thankss!! i love ur works too.

  2. you are so talented! i really love your style :)

  3. I love your drawings!

  4. Love the dr martens and your drawing!

  5. @cyn yeahh i want some of those.. theyr so nicee.. gyaaa.. thank u.


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