Cheap and cheerful.

 Why wait?

Managed to make a men shirt in one day, yay! Talk about project runway-ish.
Didn't get to take pics but next time though.
I now can make clothes for my bro and dad. Ha, they shall be my model for experimenting.
Tomorrow is tie :D Its a pretty exhausting week but then I remember what teacher said,
"It's fashion, you're always going to be busy."
Right now I'm so addicted to this song, The Kills - Cheap and Cheerful.
Helps me keep my mood up.
I wonder hows everybody's week going..having a nice weekday perhaps?
Good day all, tomorrow's TGIF :D


  1. That's great! The sketch is wonderful. How do you like menswear anyway? Is it as fun?

  2. love the chap's hair. cool outfit.

  3. @tomtuttle he used a whole bottle of hair gel just to get the look .. hehe ;p

    @thelostearing thanks.. haa its challenging but at the same time im having fun learning something new.


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