Fall sketches.

Hello weekend,
I've been really busy lately, doing three projects in a week. Guess its not a weekend after all.
Managed to make some sketches for fall. The first on is already an old artwork that I like.
And the second one would be a couple on a trip to the park :D
Brother just came back from Sg and bought me a book I wanted called "Modern Menswear", so happy..
Anyways, a lovely someone was interested in letting me illustrate a children's book for them.
Its still not sure yet, but I'm crossing my fingers for it.. I think it will be a really fun experience.
Have a great weekend!


  1. What a wonderful imagination you have. I was artsy in my early 20s but life got in the way and I've kind of lost it! Having seen your work, I might just take it up again!

    I found you on Etsy and if you like my blog, I'd appreciate a reciprocal follow!

    Take care and keep painting!

  2. @fausty aww thank you.. it keeps making me think nonstop though! ;p im surprised u found me there.. hee :D hope to see your artsy stuff, i think you should bring it back! sure, following you now! have a nice day!

  3. I shall continue to visit your site - lovely!

  4. fantastic work like it :)

  5. love the details of the portrait! kinda different from your usual style!

    btw the japan photos were taken at universal studio.. the setting was "american".. haha fake old NY bar setting.


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