Girls night out.

Girls night out. 
A Kate Moss inspired outfit from the costume gala, 
a ruffled Marchesa dress, 
a Balmain tailor or simply a ruffled top. 

Wonder what's everyone dressing up for Halloween..
Maybe a traditional costume or some fashion icon perhaps.
One more day left for the day :D


  1. Today my coworker and I dressed as Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen! :) We have big blonde wigs and Starbucks cups :)

    Cute illustration!!!

  2. i love your works!
    this one is just amazing!

  3. they're so pretty! *swoon*

  4. thanks ;D ;d
    glad you like tamari.
    *sowwns* back at tom tuttle :D

    @TLT omg hahah thats so awesome.. i could totally picture u in their costumes... :D


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