Glamour girls.

There's always that grand event to attend to.
Dressed up and ready to go.

Here are my glamour watercolour girls. The same ones that are in "Couture".
The left one loves toned down dresses while the other prefers avante-garde costumes. 
They just love to dress fierce for every glamourous occassions they attend to.
Work has been piling up these days but they don't botther me as much as before. Just enjoying it.
Like as a quote I was inspired with, "Be the best at each moment, so that each day becomes the best."
Hope everyone else is doing good these days.
Have a nice day!


  1. Oooh... saucy! :) Very beautiful!

  2. Love it! Makes me thing, they're so close they even share hair :)

  3. love the new halloween header. that's a good attitude i could use more of :)

  4. thankss much :D they just looove the grand attention when walking in a party :D


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