Scene queen.

The Scene Queen.

Spent the whole day giving art classes today since morning..
And apart from that, still catching up on a deadline to work on. Aaakhh..
But I got to hang out with Bff eventhough it was just for a while, its been ages since we did so :D
I also still can't get over the "The Ugly Truth" movie, its sooo good, I want to watch it again!
Anyway, I found these lovely photos by Jesse Wright.
I think my illustration for today would fit perfect for the scene, wouldn't it?
I'd call her, "The Scene Queen"


  1. lovely photos and I love the ugly truth movie.
    I think your illustration would be perfect for those pics.Cool illustration !

  2. I always love the little pout your girls seem to have...

  3. @velvetwoods definitely! i died of laughter watching that movie. hehe ;p

    @babalisme haaa i just noticed that i always make em.. lol :D thankss..


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