Couture. Tagged.

Off to a costume gala with their couture dresses.

Hello all,
Wow, its been a while since i've posted.
I was on hiatus finishing all my uni tasks and it was exhausting staying up late to do them.
I guess my 3rd year is really going to be busy planning for the last collection and all.
Thank God it's friday.
Anyway, my dear friend from LuShae Jewellery is hosting a competition in her website.
Join now if you would like to win some cash or some of her jewellery pieces.
It will be such an exciting experience to participate.
Here's some one-word answers to fill up,
Got tagged by my fellow blogger friend, The Lost Earing
I now tag you! :D

1 Where is your cell phone? Room
2 Your hair? Undone
3 Your mother? Mom
4 Your father? Dad
5 Your favorite food? Sushi
6 Your dream last night? Forgot
7 Your favorite drink? Water
8 Your dream/goal? Successful
9 What room are you in? Bedroom
10 Your hobby? Daydreaming
11 Your fear? Accidents
12 Where do you want to be in six years? umm Everywhere? hehe
13 Where were you last night? Home
14 Something that you aren't? Boy
15 Muffins? Blueberry
16 Wish list item? Paints
17 Where did you grow up? Jakarta
18 Last thing you did? Illustrate
19 What are you wearing? Pjs
20 Your TV? Downstairs
21 Your pets? Married
22 Friends? Countless
23 Your life? Busy
24 Your mood? Relieved
25 Missing someone? Nope
26 Vehicle? Family's
27 Something you're not wearing? Boxers
28 Your favorite store? Depends
29 Your favorite color? Green
30 When was the last time you laughed? Today
31 Last time you cried? Awhile
32 Your best friend? Yummeh
33 One place that I go over and over? Uni
34 One person who emails you regularly? Cousin
35 Favorite place to eat? Home


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