Twas a cloudy day.

Good day all,
Things have been going well, just more busier.
Classes were okay today, we were making basic mens shirt until the lights went off.
What a bummer. And to add it up, it rained. Freaky-much staying in an antique-looking-uni :O
The weather has been gloomy these days. You know what that means, rainy season is starting.
You know Indonesia is always hot all year round so it's finally good to have some rain.
I've also added some notebooks in the shop.
I like simple, so they're just very minimalistic.
Wishing you a goodnight/day.


  1. I always love the rain...

  2. I totally appreciate the simplicity of your designs. I think it's because I have trouble knowing when to stop--restraint is something I need to work on with my creations. I hear you on the rain :) It's finally starting to resemble fall around here and I'm so happy!

  3. I'm off to check out your new notebooks!

  4. @babalisme makes you want to sleep when it comes doesnt it?

    @thelostearing aww im glad you do. but its kinda hard to be though when its not much appreciated here.. :D haaa, i know u can do it, u have wonderful creations :D fall! wow, id do love to experience that.

    @pattie haa, sure2, feel free to do so.. :D


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