The Coco look.

The Coco look.
I just watched the movie, "Coco Chanel" (the old version) and I enjoyed it so much.
It's a great inspiration for everyone and Coco has the best quotes ever.
In fact, I was inspired by her short hair look when she was young in the film. Hence the Coco look.
Love that hair.
Shirley: In this world, men makes the rules. We women must rely on our charms and looks for pleasing our man.
Coco: Looks fade.
Shirley: I suggest you take advantage when it last, like I did. I've been a dancer, I've been an artist model. And I called the King of Belgium, Leo.
Coco: I didn't have to be a dancer or a model. When I had nowhere to go, I found a job.
If I've allowed myself to be supported by Etienne, it's not by his money.
Shirley: And when leaves you?
Coco: If that were to happen, I'd survive. I've made love before.


  1. certainly an inspiration ! great post as ever

  2. that's the 'tude, coco! i haven't watched any single coco chanel movie.

  3. thanks elise.. coco inspires me alot. she's too cool! ;p

    @tomtuttle then its a great movie to watch :D there's also the newer version called "coco avant chanel" by audrey tatou :D


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