Come around.


  1. So happy I discovered your blog! I'm a big fan of art and supporting artists! Awesome blog!

  2. nice illustration, dear. are you going to make the clothes for real from this illustration ? :)

  3. hihihi. thanks for welcoming me back, dear.. :)
    oh, heard of it. several people on tumblr mention glee quite you happen to know them ? they are kimikarma, heysilly, and littlemissdorkette..
    what is it about ? musical school ? :)

    have you watch GG eps 9 ? crazy, i must say..hehehehe..

  4. @sweety p aww yayy thanks.. so glad to meet you too then. i guess we have the same interests too. other peoples art are always an inspiration.

    @garnis thank u.. unfortunately, not right now. the ones im making are in my uni files. ;p but hopefully i would love to do so in future when i have the time :D

    yeahh, its been so long since u blogged sih.. ahh, i only know missdorkette, the one who posts nice quotes :D its about these kids forming a glee club, like a choir but really cool. try watching an ep in youtube. i think you;ll like it :D

    ahhhnot yet.. don't tell me yet. im 3 eps behind.. noo.. its that crazy?


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