Contribution to BalladOf.

How it feels so free to just walk barefoot on fresh grass :D
These 2 girls in their tutus are surely doing it with their tutus and colored tights.
Speaking of, pardon my absence because I've been catching up on a deadline which was due today.
It has been draining all my energy to do my daily illustrations. How it feels so relieving now.

Anyways, I received a package today from Balladof today.
I was surprised because I never expected they would continue to send it since shipping was expensive.
Or perhaps, somebody else sent it to me? Confused.
As you know, BalladOf is a new UK-based magazine founded by Lindsey and Claire
where they collect a community of emerging and exciting artists around.
Not to mention that these people were so friendly to talk to.
Currently they just launched their 2nd newest issue, BalladOf Tommy Lane.
I'm so glad to have an opportunity be a part of it and illustrate a small style piece for them :D
It was my first contribution to a magazine so I was excited to see it.
Please do stop by their site to them out if you have the chance :D
Finally :D
Hope you have a nice day.


  1. I would LOVE to be swinging by in tutu's ! I love your drawing - do you do ballet dancers ?

  2. oh! that's so cool to be in a mag!
    i love the new paint:) it's a lovly idea.


  4. did an amazing worthy of a national magazine!

  5. Hi again, I have a request for you - any chance you could doodle a dancer for me ? It's for a piece I'm writing soon and I need a colour drawing of a male and female ballet dancer. I can't pay you for it but I will credit you. What do you think ? could you get back to me on my blog asap please ? Merci Beaucoup !
    If you can't help, maybe you know of someone who could ? I do love your drawings though.... thank you

  6. @noble thank you noble! it sure was so exciting do one :D

    @cinzinc haa chaaynoo! thanks fafa. submit ur work there btw!

    @tamari yess, i guess it was, thanks. it was a first for me since they don't produce artsy mags here ;p

    @elise hi elisee.. haa yess i can tell u do, ballet-lover :D apparently im open for one.

  7. Hey - that's great news, thankyou for accepting. Yes, it's up to you, all I would say is that I need a male & female dancer (together or seperately). I would love it if you could do one so that the clothes they are wearing, while still ballet-based, are fashionable - so a tutu that Matthew Williamson might design for instance..... I love the drawing at the top of this piece, but they'd need to be in ballet shoes to work for me.. I love the idea of purple tights instead of always white you think that might work ? I'd need it by the first week in December please... very grateful ! Thank you

  8. Wow! Congratz !

  9. congrats! love the colours of those tights against the green grass.

  10. many thanks! :D *dances* hehe..


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