Doodling Jakarta fashion week 2009.

Hi friends! How's your monday? :D
I've been so busy lately and sleeping late that my eyebags are starting to get darker. Oh noess..
I know it's quite late but I'm posting some quick doodle illustrations about the fashion week.
I think Im enjoying these quick illustrations.
As I said, I was going to doodle some stuff from the show. Saw many fashionable people around.
Pardon my memory I couldn't remember all their outfits. Hehe ;p
What a fashionable gay couple on the right sitting across where I was watching,
I couldn’t help but illustrate them.
So is the man on the left with his fedora and printed scarf.
At the front row.
My alumni friend at the most left with his friend wearing a black dress holding a fur bolero.
I think that woman in red dressed so elegant with great poise that she stood out.
Oh, this was my friend and I standing at the center.
She's wearing a dress with high heel wedges and me with a skirt and black ankle boots.
Cheers everyone!


  1. why you put only your feet and shoes ? hihi.
    wondering your outfit,nom.. ;)

    about the illustrations : should i say more ? hehehe..

  2. gyahahah thanks dear.. well i wanted to.. i ran out of watercolor paper. lol..

  3. you always do a brilliant doodle !

  4. briliiant is the word for those paintings!

  5. Hi, meant to say, as soon as you are ready with your doodle for me, please can you email it to :

    Can't wait to see it ! thanks

  6. ooh. ah, i so wish to have the carriage of that lady in red. i'd be the one slouching like nobody's biz.

    thanks for your comment. i can't even say much about my own style anymore. i only remember i never wore many dresses until recently. 'fashionable' doesn't really exist in my vocab. lol.

  7. Oh well, what a beautiful doodle i've ever caught on eye. I lurve your blog :) Hope you're doing great there!


  8. thanks elise, ive sent it already..

    @tomtuttlee haa me too! red is always good. i guess its got to the point where it effortless. yeah! :D

    @clara thanks clara, thanks for stopping by.. im doing great for sure. hope u are too!


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