The class is a mess full of fabrics

Hello there,
Been on hiatus for a while now which will extend for a whole week.
Its a busy week in uni again I've been getting sick because of too much work..
I'm making a shirt, pants and vest in one weekend. God bless me :(
Promise to get back on doodling asap.
Btw, wishing everyone Selamat Hari Raya Idul Adha and Happy Thanksgiving too!
Here's a little quick old doodle.


  1. Good luck with your project! Lovely art work!

  2. nom, you got sick ?
    get well soon, darla.. :)

    hope you'll finish it perfectly. don't forget to post it, yaaa.. :)

  3. All the ebst with uni and hopefully you will get well soon!....lovely doodling!

  4. you're a busybee ha.. good luck and 'ope to see you... :)

  5. Hello, hope you are feeling better soon ! I was wondering how you were getting on with my doodle - I'm ready to publish now and really excited to see it when you are finished !

  6. @euniceesinaa haa u too aswell! hope to see yah soon too!

    @sweety p *hug*

    @garnis haha iyah nih, abis sibuk sekali jd sering begadang deh.. ahah thanks yah.. hopefully u can come to jkt soon.

    @noble thanks dear! :D

    @elisee!! :D hehe im better now.. glad u like the art once again!


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