Jakarta Fashion Week 09/10, to go or not.

Hello, how is weekend so far?
Hope everyone's having a relaxing one. I always enjoy saturdays because its art classes.
Anyways, Jakarta is hosting their very first Jakarta Fashion Week 09/10 here in Indonesia and it will be a big event. It is finally happening :D
Ive got two free passes on a fashion show, one show for my school's alumni fashion show and the other one for Indonesian designers.
However, there are two deadlines to catch this coming Thursday.
So confused whether I should go or not, though its a tempting offer and a great event to doodle on too.
Owh, I can't decide.


  1. Definately go doodle !

  2. haaa.. maybe i should ;p

  3. you went there right??
    the one you've mentioned on your twitter..
    hey.. i wanna see the fashion there.. Indonesian designers are amazing.

    oouh! your illustrations and doodles make me love you even more.. :))

  4. doodles it !! ;)

    i'm waiting for your post about jfw.. :)

  5. yeahh im gonna do so garnis.. hehe have been really busy but wait for me doodles.. hehe i saw lots of fashionable ppl attending the show..

    @yuniseena aww thanks dear! yeah i did attend, i just posted some pics of the show :D haa yeah.. id love to see the filo fashion week someday.


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