JFW 09/10, ESMOD alumni.

Differing from the traditionally conservative muslim wear,
these collections from ESMOD Alumni were more expressive and lively in the pieces.
Each of the collections showed some personality in the designs.
There was a touch Indonesia's traditional culture in some of the designs - beadwork, embroideries and great detailing. Some ready-to-wear, some couture-like.
Imelda Kartini.
She has a flair for creating creative fabrics.
Poppy Karim.
Kebaya dresses. Traditionally beautiful.
Albert Yanuar.
His collections were colorful and lively.
Sapto Djojokartiko.
Crowd pleaser collection with heels free footwear like Nina Ricci.
This reminds me of one of Maison Martin Margiella's collections. Hmm..
Sisca Chandra, Paperdolls.
Chic like the 20s/30s, draperies with chiffon.
Evelyn Fransisca "Roxanne".
Great contrast on power looks and soft drapery.
R. Sapta Dharma "One Piece Pattern Power"
Imagine just one pattern turned into a dress, great.
He's our pattern teacher in ESMOD.


  1. wow they're great! You're so lucky!
    But don't you think the heels by Sapto is very alike to Nina Ricci's Fall 2009 heels collection (a little bit more extreme actually)?
    Have a great weekend noomie!

  2. i like the pattern expert's best. that silhouette of the blue and white stripes garb looks so good.

  3. love them all! but i like sapto's collection the most

  4. @cyn ahh yess i agree with u there completely. great collection but looking to similar with a famous designers too..

    @tomtuttle me too.. its simple but the patter is genius.

    @fhen hehe yeah, it was a crowd pleaser after all. though it looks to similar to someone elses designs.

  5. Grrrreeeaat!!! 2 thumbs up (was thinking about 4, but on second thought, that would be a bit yucky! Hehehe...) for Sapta. He used to be my pattern-maker teacher too back then in my ESMOD days. D'ya mind giving him my regards, and if possible, ask him his contact e-mail? :-)

    Oooops... before I forgot my manners, i luuuuv your blog and most especially your illustration, Noomie!

    Saluti da Italia,
    Fairly (ESMOD class 2001/2002)


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