JFW 09/10, Muslimwear show.

 I've found some well dressed people around.

Hi all, its Jakarta Fashion Week!
The whole week is full of fashion shows to attend to.
Lucky me I got free tickets to some shows BUT only to find myself short on time.
I was supposed to watch 2 shows on Tuesday because I wanted to watch the traditional Indonesian Kebaya costume but the shows were in such delay. I got to watch the muslim wear instead.

Overall, I think the collections were nice and wearable.
There were alot of chiffon fabrics used in a variety of colours, embroidery detailing and traditional motifs accented here and there.
I'm not very familiar with muslim wear but I appreciate it, there were some traditional pieces that were nice.

The stage.
Jeny Tjayawati "Matryoshka"
Ida Royani. Nice and traditional.
 Hennie Hananto "Benji Maji"
Monika Jufry "The Eclectic Batavia". I like the wrap arounds.
Interesting cutting.
Anne Rufaidah "Lost in Space"


  1. it's cute. moslem style mostly valued as something out of date or too simple. but this moslem's fashion style totally show the contrary.. ;)

    nice post, noomie..

  2. fabulously interesting post and of course, your doodles are excellent. have a great weekend

  3. these are what i'm waiting for.
    i agree.. your doodles are amazingly beautiful.. as alwayys..
    hello there noomie. :))

  4. again like always- your paintings are so pretty and fabulous!

  5. @tamari aww thank u very much tamari :D

    @yuniseena hi too u too :DD glad u like it. those women in my doodles were fully covered but they still look so fashionable. u;d be amazed if u see them in real. hehe..

    @elise thanks elise. hope you had a great weekend!

    @garnis oww i never knew that. but i guess this one was quite interesting. lucu jg yah busana muslim :D


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