Commisions for a friend.

Hi all!
I'm quite happy I finished my big presentation today on my 3 piece (shirt, pants, vest project).
So relieved, I can finally sigh.
I've been working for illustrations for a friend. Just finished them today and I think it was quite swell.
Its about her and two of her friends and their characteristics & personalities. Of course, fashionable.
Hope you like it. Cheers!

1, she loves the spotlight
2, she loves her messy artsy room
3, she loves to read and has tons of ideas


  1. Wonderful as ever ! How tolented you are!!!

  2. :) looks good you did a great job

  3. I love the storyline with your artwork! Lovely post!

  4. love your pictures so much. You're such a very talented girl :) by the way i've followed your blog and linked yours too on mine :)

  5. these are adorable! love them all. u're very talented:D

  6. choose the second picture..hehe...
    its a great picture...

  7. noomiee this is great! i love the story too and your drawings.. wooh! always awesome!


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