Uni starts tomorrow.

Olaaa, tomorrow is the first day of my last year in uni.
And hello to menswear, we will finally meet with your new dummy.
My female dummy will never be lonely no more. It's time to work on my male sketches too ;O
My alumni menswear friend, Ooonlydee, says the menswear Parisian teacher is pretty strict. 
(oh noess!)
Hopefully not that scary to begin with because.. I'm excited!


Sleep. Results.

 Enjoying her sleep.

Anyway, I did a random draw for those who participated my very first giveaway.
And the winner of the notebook giveaway is....
Yayy, Congratulations!
Glitzy will also receive a surprise illustration of her from noomie :D
Thanks so much for participating everyone, there will be more to come :D


Weekend inspirational quotes 10.

Fashion is about good energy. It's about feelings.
That's what I have to give the people, good energy and good feelings.
Adriana Lima
Fashion is never in crisis because clothes are always necessary.
Achille Maramotti
A fashion that does not reach the streets is not a fashion.
Coco Chanel

CK men Spring/Summer 2010.

I cannot love Calvin Klein's menswear collection even more.
Here's an illustration of their designs, yet another great collection for the season Spring/Summer 2010.
Love Italo Zucchelli, he is best designer from the year by the Council of Fashion Designers of America.
I mean how great is that, a collection with a very simple aesthetic got the award, so effortless :D
You can watch the runway show here:

Short holiday.

I just came back from the cold hills, Ciater Bandung, with family and friends today.
Some artworks in between trips from the beach.
We stayed in a villa with a very relaxing place and a beautiful view.
And the cold weather was really nice too, if only we got to stay longer :D
Hopefully I'll be able to share some photos soon.
Have a nice weekend :D


BDAY gift and mini giveaway!

Hello all,
I'm so happy my brother gave me this L'Officiel issue for my bday :D
I've been wanting one but it was so hard to find the issues here.
Anyway, since it's my 20th birthday and I'm feeling generous, I wanted to host a mini giveaway.
Here's a little mini notebook with my original illustration.
All you have to do is comment, along with your email, and the winner will be picked on a random basis.
The results will be announced on the 28th, when shipping resumes due to a long local holiday here..
 Went to the beach yesterday, now off to the cold hills tomorrow. Have a great day :D


Weekend inspirational quotes 09.

They think him the best dressed man, whose dress is so fit for his use that you cannot notice or remember to describe it.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
While clothes may not make the woman, they certainly have a strong effect on her self-confidence — which, I believe, does make the woman.
Mary Kay Ashe
The goal I seek is to have people refine their style through my clothing without having them become victims of fashion.
Giorgio Armani


Winter girl. Doc Martens.

How are you enjoying your weekends?
Happy Lebaran to some of you fellow Indonesians!
Spent some time with family, friends and Bff today at my home;
each weekend there's always this gathering at my home with lots and lots of food so its fun. 
We bought this yummy tiramisu cake for my dad too.
Arrghh, I think I'm going to gain lots of weight from all this eating.
Anyway, so my birthday is coming up soon too.
Hihi I guess its only best to post a wishlist of these:
Yummy mummy newly invented “8-eye’s” Dr. Martens!!
These are from their newest Spring 2010 collection.
Me want :D


Lebaran. Posh, Vintage.


It's going to be a long holiday for me since they have this national holiday called "Lebaran".
Guess it's also the time to do some chores..  Noo.. hehe..
But I'm having a great time, got to paint nonstop yesterday and I made quite a couple of them.
These are some of the pieces I did. Can't wait to go out and eat later since it's my dad's birthday.
Also, happy bday to fellow blogger, Sabrina Ria Wijaya!
Apparently, she has the same birthday date as my dad. :D 



Surprise you.

Hello all,
I just had a great time with my uni friends today. 
We spent the whole day at the theme park Dufan and by the beachside.
Gosh, I'm not really a fan of wild rides so pretty much I didn't ride the extreme ones. 
Hehe.. Definitely a very fun and tiring.
Anyway, here's a mini artwork called Suprise Presents,
"Its not just an ordinary present until she pops out AS the present to surprise you!"
Hope you had a great day! :D


Weekend inspirational quotes 08.

In the midst of movement and chaos, keep stillness inside of you.
Deepak Chopra
The expression a woman wears on her face is more important than the clothes she wears on her back.
Dale Carnegie
Fashion is architecture. It is a matter of proportions.
Coco Chanel


Doodle book.


Hey, hows all?
Its been a while since I blogged, there has been some black outs at the house so no internet for a few days.. Wooh..
I can't stand it since I'm continuously online. ;p
Also, I've been busy painting some art for the shop and for the coming Xmas!
These are my new mini fashion illustrations mini notebooks.
Hope you can stay in touch for my upcoming giveaway this September.




Hey all, how was today?
Phew, my head has been constantly aching today. Aww boo..
I guess it was the lack of sleep last night, I'm such an insomniac these days, I'm just such a night person.
Wonder if there are any early birds around. Its quite rare to know..
Managed to make this painting today though. Its a very relaxing piece of Autumn.
Also, my cousin all the way from the Phils, had just made me her new business partner for her online shop: http://summeressentials.multiply.com Pretty excited to work with her. We're going to turn some art into clothing :D
Anyways, gotta go.. Ps. stay in tune for an upcoming giveaway from my shop.
Good day!


Band of Outsiders F/W 2009 Lookbook.

I cannot express how much I love Band of Outsiders 2009 Fall/Winter lookbook 
I found from HypbeastThese pictures are just so fun, like fun in the sun.
It's the actor Jason Schwartzman as the model and with interesting polaroid-effect pictures.
I'd love to have a lookbook like Band of Outsiders.


Btw, thanks to Atul I can watch 'The September issue' movie.
Here's the link guys for those who are not able to watch it in the cinema: Download the September Issue here.
Have a nice day guys.



Walking downtown on the cold streets of fall.
These girls make sure to keep warm in their matching black leggings and Louboutin boots.
The girl on the left wears a Proenza Schouler printed dress while walking beside her bestfriend who wears a Balmain tweed coat.

I really like fall seasons. Cool but crisp in clothes.
One thing that really inspires me are people walking in stylish clothes.