Im back!

Happy New Year again!
I'm officially back from my no-internet holiday.
I had so much fun with family. Were always eating. Haha I think I gained 3kg from it.
Gosh, how I miss doodling. A new year with new doodles.
Now I've got to catch up on all my emails too *takes a deep breath*
So I'm wondering what movies is anyone looking forward to watching this year?
These would probably on my to-do watch list for 2010:
Alice in Wonderland - Woo, another Johnny Depp movie.
Prince of Persia: Sands of Time - Who would've thought Jake Gyllenhaal playing the role? heheh..
Haha so far I've only got two in mind.. Looking forward to see more.
Have a great day!


  1. happy new year, dear noomiee ! :D
    been a while not posting a comment to your blog. miss your post.. ;)

    cute doodle ! hihi.
    alice in wonderland is a must !
    have you watch new york i love you ?
    i'm going to watch it on tuesday, i guess.. ;)
    glad you're back, nom !

  2. happy new year! thanks for stopping by my blog. hey i love your sketches and would love for you to maybe draw me one for my header! maybe we could work something out?

  3. Welcome back and a Happy New Year:)


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