January giveaway.

Hello yellow to dear friends and others!
For those who have been putting up with me and my doodles,
I just wanted to give something to yah.
Just a little something simple and handmade giveaway from me to you.
I'd like to give you this ring neck accessory.
Enough to add some punch or to brighten your outfit :D
They come in velvet red and mustard yellow, and is adjustable in size.
All you gotta to is:
Follow Noomie Doodles Fashion
and answer this in the comment section
Which accessory colours of the two so you think would suit you best?
Don't forget to leave your email too! Anyone is free to join :D
There will be two winners announced on the following Wednesday.
Have a nice day everyone!


  1. awww, you're so sweet to even consider doing that! i'd definitely pick the mustard color, it's adorable!
    my mail: bubbling_fate@yahoo.com

  2. really heart velvet red one! almost everyone says that i am good in red. :)
    you're so nice to do this giveaway..

    my mail : yuliadeladacrea@yahoo.com

  3. wow,,,you're so nice for giving the cute giveaway to your follower...

    i like the mustard yellow...
    that's so cute...

    thank you..

    my mail: riesta.emy@gmail.com

  4. oh wow! i love the mustard yellow! it's so pretty!!!

  5. Well i love the velvet red one. It must be very into my skin which is white but also a bit tanned :) here is my email, silvisugus@hotmail.com. Keep reading my blog dear :)

  6. Hi, what a great giveaway. The red one is gorgeous!
    Anni //pxian@web.de

  7. wowww you are a good jewelry maker!

    I love the yellow!! ^^
    I think mustard yellow is more suitable for me...

    I'm much more classic than bold.
    And the yellow reminds me of gold :D
    If you sell it to me it will be sold
    Coz it's the one me wanna hold!

    wowowowow cool giveaway!!! ^^

    my mail: tiananda.w@gmail.com

  8. :) Sweet!!

    I adore the yellow one. It reminds me of sunshine.. and who doesn't want some sunshine dangling around their neck! weeeeeeeeee!!

    Love & Aloha, S

    **I'm a follower :)

  9. LOVELY!!!! Great giveaway!

  10. My first time here and what luck, you're holding a giveaway, yey! I like the pink one more as it can make any outfit pop!

  11. OMG! They both are so cute! It's hard to choose between one of'em. If I have to I'd love to choose the mustard yellow because my fav color bright bold colors esp. yellow! People even remember me as a girl in bright colors. LOL.

    Well, I already followed you since ago.

    FYI, anyone: She is a real gifted! She gave me this amazing self painting which I totally in love. Keep up the good work, girl! I'm just trying my luck here. :)

  12. i was "following" you but i think if you want me to follow you the normal way, i just activated it (dunno if i did it right!).

    i prefer the mustard one even though i'm yellow and sallow. i just like yellow tones :)


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