Sping/Summer 2010 trend lovelies.

2010 is back with new trends.
What are your favourite trends this year?
I really like the new clean slate trend. New year, clean start.
Alot of collections from Calvin Klein for sure.
This one's by Akris, I love how the hair looks chic on with the outfit :D
Bold pattern & prints.
Laced stuff and the trend that is still going strong,
the seethrough and sheer fabrics trend. I really like that trend somehow :D
I see lots of them on the runway.
So is the military and hot pants. Prolly anything short perhaps?
I'd kill to get long killer legs to wear that look. Hehe..
Then there's the sporty trend. Inspired from football, tennis, and other sports.
Hehe I don't think I could pull this off if but this sure was unique to doodle.
Sporty is nice though :D
There's still quite alot of trends out there.
What do you think you could pull off?


  1. always great drawings..love!
    me?i have this outfit i wanna make.. 'tis old but it fits right on what i'm having this season.. obtw, aleralokale is the name of our shop.. nakitta(vintage stuffs), senang(contemporary), pirapirasu(handcrafts) are just under the AL.. though we're thinking of something big agad.. we know we really have to do lots of things so we can't just put them all at a time. but we know everything will go well.. just have to do what's needed and through God's help..
    please pray for us. you're one of those ppl who inspire me.. i know you'll be big! be known and stuffs. you're great! keep it up!

  2. Great job like the concept :)

  3. i love that first doodle (i like them all). the blush colour is very fall but it's unique this way. love the chic do, yes :)

    i really dunno about fahsion trends. it's usually shorter, sheerer, brighter? i think the military or rockstar or moshpit look is here to stay, like it or not. oh, and anything shiny ;)


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