Clutter free, Star Shelter video.

Hello mellow!
I was feeling very OC today to clean out all the clutter on my desktop
because it was very very full of pics. Thank God for the spare time!
Anyway, had time to doodle today.
The dress was inspired by Zac Posen's red dress; I think red is a very becoming colour.
Spent the Saturday weekend with my bff nd family today.
Hope everyone is having a relaxing weekend.
Oh and Oh!
The video is already up, made by my lovely friend, Miss Glitzy.
Please check it out and support the good cause.
Happy weekend and thanks for reading!


  1. lovely video =D

  2. sooo pretty... what you've done for the cause was very good... :)

  3. @elise thank you :)

    @cyn glad you like.

    @tealovecoffee :hugs:

  4. luv the illustration! do u make the actual output (ie dress!) too? :D

  5. whoah! haven't checked your blog and what great illustrations and video you have here..
    augh! always beautiful and very inspiring..

  6. @karumen hee thanks.. well i wish! quite busy right now to do so but i would if ever. ;p

    @eunice ahii naks naman. thankss :D hope to get better at it :)

  7. your illustrations are always so beautiful!



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