Coffee shop #01.

Been chilling alot at the coffee shop lately.
I feel like I can do my work better there with a mug of hot latte and some ambient music.
If I'm lucky, I get free complementary doughnuts :)
The other day I was just there to waiting for my bro so I decided to doodle some lady.
Though, it didn't do justice drawing on a tissue paper leaving some parts torn 
and it ended up looking like a messy scribble. Lol.
This particular old lady carried this poise when she walked in.
High heels, jacket, high waist skirt and a blouse.
Her cropped quilted leather jacket and pixie cut hair seemed to add an edge to her look.
I think I'm going to do more of this if ever I have the time. It was fun.
I'm afraid some people might find me kind of a stalker if I do so. *chuckles*
Anyways, good day to all!


  1. ♥ this doodle of yours...doing it on the tissue paper adds to the charm :)

  2. i've just been looking through your blog and im in love with your fashion illustrations. My friend is wanting to do fashion illustration and im going to show this site to him for inspiration! and i cant wait to see your collection so im following!

  3. love the sketch! nice one. =))


  4. i'm so curious about the lady now!

  5. @kookie thaankss. it was very hard to not tear the tissue. lol..

    @amy thanks.ow really? yaayy, please do show me his too.. id love to see it :D

    @nora thank youuuu!!

    @tomtuttle hehe yeah she is very mysterious. if i pictured her she would think im stalking her. lol..


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