Upcoming charity video.

Hi all,
Currently, I've been doing some illustrations for an upcoming charity video.
My dear friend Miss Glitzy is celebrating her 2nd blog anniversary by 
She has asked me to collaborate with her on this project.
Basically the Star Shelter is about helping women and children who are being abused
and I was more than happy to help with this charitable cause.
Here's a lil sneak peak for one of the slides of the upcoming video.
I'm quite excited and I hope you will like it. 
Please do help support the good cause.
Good day :)


  1. good luck, ci noemii :D

  2. oh this is wonderful. i think i should be able to contribute... monetarily, in this case. good on you girls!

  3. I am sure the charity video will be awesome with your great illustrations, good luck with your project!!

  4. lovly illustration. i just LOVE your work<3

  5. what a wonderful cause! these are such lovely illustrations:) can't wait to see the resulting slide show!


  6. @fortywords thanks you.

    @tom ahh yeaayy, goo on u too ms. tuttle :)

    @nochedeverano thankss, hope you can watch it when its done :D

    @emema *big hug* really

    @owlscloset oh yess u must see :D hihi thank you very much.


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