A lil bit.

There's this singer my uni my friends and I love to dance around when we hear her song.
She's Lykke Li.  I really like her style because shes so quirky and her songs are so unique.
So I felt like doing a doodle of her. Inspired from her song A Little Bit.
Pardon me for not posting alot these days because my schedule is quite
occupied with sewing and drawing. Akh, my hands are starting to cramp up! 0.o
A little sketchy sketch on what I've been working on:
I'm really crossing my fingers hoping the result will look good. Ha!
I'll doodle as much as I can, hope I can visit your blogs soon too.
Good day! :D


  1. Gosh, I really love your illustration!

    Carissa @ ScribbleBabbles

  2. seriously, you have such as big talent in sketching. i love them! XD

  3. menswear! great illustrations as always :)


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