NOONIO photoshoot.

The other day we had a shoot by the beach in Ancol by the rocks and at the pier.
It was the 2nd time I had a photoshoot with my brand NOONIO so it was exciting.
This time it was for the catalogue; our theme "Washed up".
 Mr. Stephan taking shots
Turns out my partner's (Mutiara) model, Stephan Kotas, is a professional photographer.
His photoworks are really good. Nice guy too :)
We had to wake up super early to catch the early morning sky so that we can start.
i love how the sky's colour is the same as the sea
Renato, the model, did a really great job posing 
and was really patient with us (Noomie/Muti/Bunga) when we were doing the styling.
And the booker, Gustav, joking around with us. It was fun but tiring :)
Renato posing in aviators and wearing a cowl sweater
Took us till lunchtime to finish but anyway, things turned out well.
Hope to post the pics soon.


  1. noomieee!! great illustrations as usual :D
    always love the color-palette of brown and blue in watercolor.

    oh my gabbana, you're so lucky to have a friggin hot photographer!!!

    cant wait for NOONIO's first collection!
    good luck noomie :)

  2. Lovely :) hope to see it soon :)

  3. Oooo I love these!

    xx Love & Aloha
    **Stop by to enter my InezDesigns giveaway!

  4. thankss.. :)

    @fortywords hehe yeaahhh, he can speak indonesian fluently too. and also very nicee.. lol..
    hehe thanks again, ill post them soon.. :D

  5. your illustrations are always so amazing! :D

  6. Hey noomie!
    Its been a long time since I visited your blog. It feels great to feast my eyes on your beautiful sketchings?

    I wanted to ask you something? Which pen do you use to make the illustrations that you post on the blog? I always sketch with an ink pen, but I think I am ready to work with something a little more professional. Could you suggest something please?


  7. oh, noomie, great illustration. you're gonna to publish your first collection, right? hope everything's going well, I am absoultely waiting for them! XD

  8. so freakin' cool! love love love it.


  9. im in love with the 3rd:]

  10. cant wait for the pics posting :)

  11. really love this post, the illustrations and narration. hope to see more of you soon :)

  12. thankss again all :) :))


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