The grad show.

photo is by Mr. Patrick Shaun
(NOONIO models on the catwalk)

Hello, hope everyone had a nice weekend. 
Ok, I know this isn't about illustrations but I just had to post these :)
 It was our uni's fashion festival "Archipelago" held outdoors at Museum Gajah on 26th June; 
a big show with 200+ models on the runway.
Everyone was so scared the event would be a fiasco because it started to rain. But the show had to go on and the rain stopped. *relief* Finally got to showcase the clothes on the runway. I had soo much fun watching the show, 
finally all the sleepless nights paying off. Hehehe..

I got Best Fashion Design in Menswear award.
Didn't expect it because I always find my other friends are reaaally good in their designs/collection. 
So I was thinking, "Really?" But it was such an honour :) 
Another thing, is that my dear friends who collaborated with me also won;
Mutiara Sitompul as Best Pattern Making in Menswear and Bunga Bakri as Best Fashion Business Retail in Menswear.
And this is NOONIO, our brand.

NOONIO's personal walk in wardrobe inspired booth.
 the boys just love checking themselves out in the mirror. XD They're soo tall too!
little details.
Justine (bff) and
Stephan Kotas, the handsome and talented photographer/model!
Models posing like mannequins. They're so photogenic. ^^
the runway.
So glad my family and friends came to watch and support.
And a big congratulations to everyone who graduated and my friends who won in the womenswear section :)

Hope you enjoyed the pictures.
Wishing you a great day!


  1. great post - thanks ! Hope you are well

  2. wow great show, congratulations for the award :) good job!

    by the way i really love Noonio collections thats too awesome!and the models were cool! they're so stunning...

    where i can get noonio collection? give me some information please :)

  3. congrats noomie!!!

  4. wow congrats dear! :) soooo happy and excited for you :)

  5. HEY! MAJOR CONGRATS to you! and your friends too!!! i love the colours used.

  6. wow really love the collections
    i just wondering when i can be like you all.being a talented designer !woahh
    anyway, your post makes me more excited to reach my dream as fashion designer.thank youu ♥

  7. congrats! everything looks so rad... and wow! so many beautiful people =P

  8. hello noemi.. been a long while..
    tagal ko nakabisita sa blog mo.

    i love your designs for noonio..
    props to everyone who graduated from your batch..
    truly tis a great site for inspiration..

  9. ahh thank uuu, how i wish to hug u all.. :)

    @m.ersa heyy thanks for the interest. hopdefully our website is gonna be ready soon so made-to-order online is available.. thankss :)

    @lolichocopop yaahh it sure is an exciting course, u will like it. thankss..

    @eunice ahaha been awhile too :) thank u.. sana nga we can collaborate sometime soon. i think might be really fun :)


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