The photoshoot. NOONIO.

NOONIO Spring Summer 2011.
"Washed Up"
 Photographer: Stephan Kotas 
Model: Renato Cavalli Andrade
(A non-illustration post)
Hi hi! I seriously don't know where to start because alot of things have happened before and after the grad show.
First things first, I wanted to share a few shots from NOONIO's SS 2011 collection.
Actually the some of the outfits weren't completely finished during the shoot because we had so little time to finish.
Adding to it was our model being sick that day too, so we were all so worried how things would turn out.
But anyway, good thing Renato managed to still pose well despite his condition. He's so hardworking :)
Thanks to our talented photographer/model Stephan Kotas, the photoshoot turned out great! *happy happy*
We all had such a wonderful time together although the hot sun made us sunburnt (painful!)
I'm going to miss this moment. Had so much fun since it was a first to experience a fashion photoshoot too. 
Hope you like.. Cheers!


  1. looovvve the pics :D
    great designs too!

  2. seru banget ! :D
    Modelnya cakep banget

  3. @fortywords ahhah yaa, cakep yaa.. mreka assik jg.

  4. @alexander thanks alexander!

    ahhah yaa, cakep yaa.. mreka assik jg.

    @fortywords thanks girl


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