Quotes 28 - Bill Blass.

William Ralph "Bill" Blass (June 22, 1922 – June 12, 2002)
Now, the brand takes Peter Som as Creative Director of Womenswear
and Michael Bastian as Creative Director for Menswear.

When in doubt wear red.  
Red is the ultimate cure for sadness.
Style is primarily a matter of instinct. 
Something about glamour interested me. 
All my schoolbooks had drawings of women on terraces with a cocktail and a cigarette. 
Sometimes the eye gets so accustomed that if you don't have a change, you're bored. 
It's the same with fashion, you know. And that, I suppose, is what style is about.


  1. "When in doubt, wear red."

  2. oh well, i kinda got a lot of red. used-to. I'm into neutral tone and monochromatic these days.

  3. @fortywords haha lol yeahh though its such a wow colour ;p

    @carissaa me too! so nice to wear with everything.


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