Gandaria opening.

Last week I got an invitation for an opening of Gandaria city mall from Pakuwon group.
Didn't really know anybody but anyway, I decided to just drop by and check it out. 
One of my favourite Indonesian band, 
Maliq & D'essentials was playing, which I did enjoy.
Also, not to mention the free appetizers from the waiter whom I can't help getting from. Hehe.. 
There were lots of business men in suits in different shades of dark,
and  a few women that caught my attention - in the late 40s still looking so fashionable. 
I admire how still manage to look edgy and elegant at their age.
Congratulations for the success of the Pakuwon group.


  1. I love that new mall :)...sebenernya bisa jalan kaki dari apartment :)...hehehehe tiap hari jadi bolak balik...makan lotte lah...iseng lah :D

  2. yeahh its so big and good isnt it? haha enak dong cuman dket.. ya, btw, i got a whole book of discount for the restos there. mau ga? aku jarang ke selatan sih.. heheh..

  3. Lovely i hope you had fun!

  4. love the illustrations,

    and hey I really love Maliq & D'essenitals too...
    aku belum pernah lihat perform secara live, pasti keren...

  5. i really like this illustration. well done =) other than the band and the food, did you have fun?


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