Metropolitan chic.

Call her Metropolitan chic. Elegant and stylish; and the city is where her heart is.
She's probably at the rooftop taking a view of the city's beutiful skyscapers.
I'm so happy to start doodling again.
Eversince my graduation I only had a week break (busy all the way)
and then it was already the start of my first job outside the city with first paycheck. Aha!
Good thing about work is that there's no homework, though I still keep thinking there is.
This doodle was from an inspiration idea from office boredom sticking random fabrics.
I thought experimenting on the doodle mixing fabric collage would be fun.
Had to wait some extra long minutes for it to dry though.
I think she's looks so chic here on her camel coloured coat!
Hope you like. Good day!


  1. looks great as always :)

  2. always so creative and elegant!
    good luck for the job, kak :D


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