Just bought myself a new set of Cotman brushes for an upgrade.
Hehe I'm such a beginner for using the cheapest brushes for a long time :B
Anyway, this one I've done with a little bit of experimentation,
Maybe a more subtle feeling. My scanner didn't really do some justice.
But I hope you like.
Oh.. and..
Happy 65th Independence day Indonesia!
I have to say this year is the most quietest celebration,
almost everyone is fasting because of the Lebaran season.
 Well hope you are having a good day.
Life is peachy, don't let the sour get to you..


  1. Lovely as always:)
    Pick up your blog award :)

  2. Oh my!
    So ccuute!!
    Loving your illustration!!!

  3. wow your works are awesome, love them all!

  4. i like what you said about life there. is the girl pulling her hair out cos she tastes some sourness? :P

    of course i like your illustrations? :)


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