CFA preparation.

Ahh I haven't blogged for a long time. Forgive me blogger n friends..
Been doing alot preparation for NOONIO's collection with the team. Doodles, patterns, etc.. 
Surprisingly, our brand got nominated for "best innovative brand" by Cleo magazine Indonesia for the Cleo fashion awards.
Its going to be on November 9th with all the other nominees. I'm so excited, never enjoyed this much. 
Hehe and exciting to be able to see the other upcoming shows as well.
Here's a sneak peak of doodles for NOONIO's "Natural Oasis 2011" collection" with some womenswear pieces.
Happy cheers.


  1. wow i love your illustrations, ur v good, i am not this good by hand. i do most of mine on photoshop and illustrator :)

    well done

  2. one day, I'll get something from your line ;)

  3. beautiful illustrations!
    i cant wait to see the real finished garments! must be gorgeous ;)


  4. congratulations noomie with all the success..

  5. Heyy, I was at the Cleo Fashion Award and saw Noonio, and I thought the desert theme was cool, i love the colors, I didnt know you were behind the designs ;) I took some pics of the Noonio show, come on over to my blog to see it :)



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