Giveaway winners.

Hey hey, how's everyone this 2010?
I know things have been slow lately.
I was catching up on all my uni work because of my extended holiday.
And busy looking for models for my last collection too.
The weather is also very gloomy since its rainy season, hence the doodle idea I drew above.
Her hair portrays a kind of gloomy expression to the current situation in dark mystery.
Kind of dramatic eh.. Hehe :D
Anyways, thanks so much for taking part in the giveaway, it was fun hosting it.
But it's time to announce the giveaway winners on my January Giveaway :D
I've made a little Congratulations doodle for the winners.

Soooo, without further delay *drumrolls* please
Congratulations to..
who wins the Red velvet necklace!
who wins the yellow mustard necklace!

May you wear it with great style to your outfits :D

Quotes 21 - Vivienne Westwood.

I am attracted to people who make this effort in knowing what suits them - they are individual and stylish.
It is not possible for a man to be elegant without a touch of femininity.
I think dress, hairstyle and make-up are the crucial factors in projecting an attractive persona
and give one the chance to enhance one's best physical features.
Fashion is very important. It is life-enhancing and, like everything that gives pleasure, it is worth doing well.
Feminists wish women to seem like men. They're not men.


Quotes 20.

We are shaped and fashioned by what we love.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Even knowledge has to be in the fashion, and where it is not, it is wise to affect ignorance.
Baltasar Gracian


January giveaway.

Hello yellow to dear friends and others!
For those who have been putting up with me and my doodles,
I just wanted to give something to yah.
Just a little something simple and handmade giveaway from me to you.
I'd like to give you this ring neck accessory.
Enough to add some punch or to brighten your outfit :D
They come in velvet red and mustard yellow, and is adjustable in size.
All you gotta to is:
Follow Noomie Doodles Fashion
and answer this in the comment section
Which accessory colours of the two so you think would suit you best?
Don't forget to leave your email too! Anyone is free to join :D
There will be two winners announced on the following Wednesday.
Have a nice day everyone!

Sping/Summer 2010 trend lovelies.

2010 is back with new trends.
What are your favourite trends this year?
I really like the new clean slate trend. New year, clean start.
Alot of collections from Calvin Klein for sure.
This one's by Akris, I love how the hair looks chic on with the outfit :D
Bold pattern & prints.
Laced stuff and the trend that is still going strong,
the seethrough and sheer fabrics trend. I really like that trend somehow :D
I see lots of them on the runway.
So is the military and hot pants. Prolly anything short perhaps?
I'd kill to get long killer legs to wear that look. Hehe..
Then there's the sporty trend. Inspired from football, tennis, and other sports.
Hehe I don't think I could pull this off if but this sure was unique to doodle.
Sporty is nice though :D
There's still quite alot of trends out there.
What do you think you could pull off?


Quotes 19 and Sunday's outfit.

About half my designs are controlled fantasy,
15 percent are total madness and the rest are bread-and-butter designs.
Manolo Blahnik
A woman's dress should be like a barbed- wire fence: serving its purpose without obstructing the view.
Sophia Loren
A designer is only as good as the star who wears her clothes. 
Edith Head 

 Sunday's outfit.
Got this skirt in a thrift shop, only for about 2 dollars. Heheh..
Pretty good deal I think. Paired it up with my old blouse.
It's rainy season but the sun seems shining outside :D


Im back!

Happy New Year again!
I'm officially back from my no-internet holiday.
I had so much fun with family. Were always eating. Haha I think I gained 3kg from it.
Gosh, how I miss doodling. A new year with new doodles.
Now I've got to catch up on all my emails too *takes a deep breath*
So I'm wondering what movies is anyone looking forward to watching this year?
These would probably on my to-do watch list for 2010:
Alice in Wonderland - Woo, another Johnny Depp movie.
Prince of Persia: Sands of Time - Who would've thought Jake Gyllenhaal playing the role? heheh..
Haha so far I've only got two in mind.. Looking forward to see more.
Have a great day!